The sub-districts of Pujungan and Bahau Hulu, in the Malinau District, and the sub-districts of Krayan and Krayan Selatan, in the Nunukan District, are part of the heart land of Dayak Kenyah, Lun Dayeh, Sa’ ban and other groups who settled this area hundreds of years ago.

The Kayan Mentarang National Park is a vast area of over 1.3 million ha covered with rich montane tropical forest that still harbors some of the most extraordinary wildlife on earth. Traditional practices of Indigenous Peoples have helped shape and conserve the landscape as we see it today. The area straddles the far interior of East Kalimantan, bordering with Sarawak (Malaysia) to the west and Sabah (Malaysia) to the north, in the Heart of Borneo.

Some areas are ideal destinations for ecotourism expeditions and jungle trekking, short- and long-distance, amidst primary and secondary forest. A world of wild rivers adventures, old village sites and archeological remains, traditional culture and village life, and Dayak warm hospitality await visitors.