Ecotourism Destinations





Lalut Birai Tropical Forest Station. Nested along the Nggeng stream and amid beautiful, pristine forest, the research station of Lalut Birai offers basic research facilities and accommodation for visitors. It is currently managed by a local committee in Long Alango (BPTU). A short boat ride will take tourists from Long Alango to the estuary of the Nggeng River. From there, tourists will follow a forest trail to the research station. Short and long stays at Lalut Birai can be arranged with the local committee. Around the station, steep trails take tourists deeper into the forest to witness a rich animal life.


Long Berini. Performances of traditional dances and old rituals can be arranged in Long Berini with the local cultural committee (Bangen Udip). Tourists can spend a few hours or one day in Long Berini learning about traditional wood carving, listening to the music of sampe’, the traditional Dayak guitar, or visiting the ancient stone burial site of the Ngorek people across the river from the village.


Apau Ping and the grasslands of Long Tua. The grasslands of Long Tua, upstream from Apau Ping, are a unique ecosystem home to one of the last remaining population of wild cattle (banteng) in Borneo. Other wildlife like deer and wild pigs can be easily seen graze early in the morning or in the late afternoon. The area has been traditionally managed and regularly burned by local people to maintain its ecological functions. A hut built by the ecotourism committee at the estuary of the Tua River provides basic overnight accommodation for wildlife watchers and trekkers heading to the Krayan Highlands.


Long-distance ‘Banteng’ trek –Apau Ping (Bahau Hulu)-Long Tua-Long Layu (Krayan Selatan, Krayan Highlands). A real adventure through the forest and across the rivers and streams between Hulu Bahau and the Krayan Highlands  in search of wildlife and traces of old village sites. Good physical conditions are needed to make sure to enjoy the trek. This was also the way Sa’ban people in the past traveled between Long Tua and Pa’ Upan (Krayan Selatan).

(*) Costs are 2011-2012 and are inclusive of meals during the trip, transportation, (1) guide and (1) porter, and camping in the forest.