How To Get There



The easiest access to Bahau Hulu is by big motorized trading boats up the Kayan and Bahau rivers from the town of Tanjung Selor, Bulungan District, or from the village upriver of Long Bia. Several rapids make the navigation challenging. Information on departing boats can be sought from traders in Tanjung Selor and Long Bia. The boat trip is part of the real river adventure. The trip from Tanjung Selor to Long Pujungan can take one full day to or 1 ½ day with overnight stay in one of the several shelters along the Bahau River.

From Long Pujungan, small motorized canoes will take tourists further upriver to Long Jelet and Long Alango. Transportation upriver is arranged by the local Ecotourism Committee in Long Pujungan (contact: Mr Yu Taang Bawan).

Tanjung Selor can be reached by regular speed-boat service from Tarakan. Tarakan is connected daily by plane to Balikpapan, Jakarta and Surabaya (several flights daily operated by Lion Air, Sriwijaya, and Batavia).

It is also possible to charter MAF flights from Tarakan or Malinau to the airstrip of Long Pujungan. This might be more expensive but ideal for a small group of travelers (3-4 people). Charter flights must be arranged ahead of time with MAF (Missionary Aviation Fellowship) in Tarakan (Ph 0551-34348 or email:

SUSI AIR also operates flights to Long Alango (2x week) from Malinau.

River transportation (prices in 2012):

Long Alango-Apau Ping Rp 1,000,000/boat (up to 2 tourists) – one way
Long Alango-Long Pujungan Rp 1,500,000/boat (up to 2 tourists) – one way
Tanjung Selor-Long Pujungan Rp 600,000-800,000/person – one way



In Long Alango, please contact Andris Salu and Ishak Baya of the local Ecotourism Committee (BPTU), for information on guides and homestay, and local treks.

For general information: