Ecotourism Destinations




The local ecotourism committee has surveyed various treks to majestic waterfalls and peaks in the area, and accommodation is provided in the houses of local people. All this makes up for an unforgettable experience.


Trekking from Long Pujungan to Ketaman and Long Jelet (2 1/2 days). Trekking in the forest high over the left bank of the Pujungan River; some treacherous terrain and magnificent jungle trees.


Trekking from Long Pua to Batu Mayoh (with overnight in the forest). A trek through the forest to a towering rock and burial sites in a beautiful and rugged landscape.


Trekking destinations from Long Jelet

Batu Ului, or the Ului Rock, is a stony peak soaring from the bank of the Pujungan River, upstream from the village of Long Jelet. The hike to the summit takes about 2 ½ hours from the place where the trekkers leave the motorized canoe. The trail to the top climbs the forested slopes. The terrain is at times steep and slippery, but the reward for those who make it to the top is a magnificent view over the Pujungan River valley and the surrounding mountain peaks. Expert local guides will assist the tourists.


U’ung Melu’ung Waterfall. The enclave and view of this 50-meter high waterfall is stunning. The water drops from the high ridge and forms a deep pool where visitors can enjoy a cool break from the heat and humidity. In the area, it is easy to encounter wildlife attracted by the presence of salt leaks. The trail to the waterfall takes a short 30 minutes from the bank of the Pujungan River. From Long Jelet, a motorized canoe will take tourists through rapids to the place where the trail to the waterfall departs. In alternative, visitors can trek from Long Jelet along a trail (3-4 hours). Parts of the trail are quite treacherous.  Not far from the Melu’ung waterfall, a trail takes trekkers up a steep terrain to ancient cave burials along the Lidemstream Local guides will accompany tourists.


Bum River Waterfall. The hike to this 60-70 meter high waterfall is a perfect immersion in the nature of the Hulu Pujungan. The round-trip trek takes 2 days from Long Jelet with an overnight stay in a natural camping ground (basic wooden platform for resting is in place) at a crossroad in direction of the waterfall and other nearby natural attractions. The trail climbs the steep slope from the river and then wanders through old swidden sites to the waterfall. There are ancient cave burials up on the high limestone cliffs that encircle the valley. Local guides will assist tourists on the trek.

(*) All prices are for 2011-2012