Homestay & Guide



Transportation Fees for tourists from Long Pujungan to Hulu Pujungan (2011-2012):

Long Pujungan-Long Pua                 Rp 450,000/boat  (up to 2 tourists)

Long Pua-Long Jelet                          Rp 450,000/boat  (up to 2 tourists)

Long Pujungan-Ketaman                             Rp 300,000/boat  (up to 2 tourists)


U’ung Melu’ung Ecotourism Committee: homestays and guides

The Hulu Pujungan Ecotourism Committee has opened homestay accommodation for tourists. Facilities are modest but adequate, and the friendliness of local people makes a tourist feel welcome and at home with the host family. Local guides, appointed through the Ecotourism Committee, are ready to accompany tourists to the various destinations. Upon request, the Ecotourism Committee can also arrange for a performance of traditional dances. Tourists can purchase special souvenirs at the small Information Center in Long Jelet or in other villages. The finely woven rattan baskets and mats are especially recommended.

Homestay and Guide Fees in Hulu Pujungan (2011-2012):

Accommodation and meals              Rp100,000/day/person

Guide                                                              Rp100,000/day