Ecotourism Destinations & Trekking



Long Bawan is the capital of the Krayan sub-district, and the easiest gateway to the Highlands. Long Midang is the first village across the border coming from Ba’ Kelalan (Sarawak), while Lembudud can be reached in 1 ½ days trek from Bario (Sarawak). Other villages like Long Umung, Terang Baru, Pa’ Padi, Berian Baru can be easily visited on foot or by motorcycle from Long Bawan.

When in Krayan, try to get a glimpse of and learn about cultural and musical traditions of the Lundayeh peoples at the Cultural Field School in Terang Baru. The location can be easily reached by walking (30′) or by motorcycle from Long Bawan. Overnight stays in the traditional building of the school can be arranged.



Exciting itineraries have been developed by the Ecotourism Committee of FORMADAT in the Highlands of Krayan, departing from Long Bawan. These will offer plenty of jungle adventures and forest wonders, and a taste of local village life.


LOOP I: Long Bawan – Pa’ Betung – Ba’Kelalan (Sarawak) – Long Midang – Long Api – Long Bawan (Round trip: 3 days).


LOOP II: Another option is to walk or go by motorcycle from Long Bawan to Lembudud, spend the night in Lembudud and from there continue on to Long Layu (Krayan Selatan), a 1-day trek through the montane and heath forest (Round trip: 3 days).


LOOP III: Visitors can reach the village of Pa Padi by walking or by motorcycle from Long Bawan or Terang Baru. Pa’ Padi is a small settlement nested amidst rice paddies and hills. From there, trekkers can continue trekking through forest and mountainous terrain to Long Padi and Binuang in Krayan Selatan, and back to Long Bawan (Round trip 4-5 days).


LOOP IV: From Long Bawan to Long Umung by motorcycle and then hike to Pa Raye or to Wa’ Yagung-Bungayan and back to Long Bawan (3 days) Trans-boundary treks in the Highlands: Bario – Krayan – Ba’ Kelalan – Bario Tourists from Malaysia can trek from Ba’ Kelalan (Sarawak) across the border to Long Midang and Long Bawan, or from Bario (Sarawak) to Lembudud, Tang Paye’ and Long Bawan, and back to Sarawak. From Long Layu, tourists can trek through the forest (overnight in Pa’ Siuk) to Bario and back to Long Layu (3 days). Make sure you contact local guides in Krayan for more information (permits have to be secured from local authorities).