Ecotourism Destinations in Krayan Selatan





Batu Sicen

Not far from the settlement of Long Rungan/Tang Payeh, a rock complex about 40 meter high arises from amidst a pristine forest. It is a place rich in biodiversity and history. There are several bat caves and old burial sites. The highest point is called Honey Rock and takes its name from the honey bees nestled right beneath the peak. The view from the top over the forest and stretching out to the distant ridges is splendid. The tour of the Honey Rock takes a full day leaving from the village of Tang Payeh.  The first part of the tour is by motorized canoe followed by a trek in the forest. The trek is of easy to medium difficulty, with some climbing at the top. A safety rope is in place. Expert local guides will accompany the tourist.


The Krayan River Rapid (day tour from Pa’ Upan or Long Rungan)

Between Tang Laan and Tanjung Pasir, the Krayan River is interrupted by an impassable rapid. The water flows tumultuously in the gorge. There is an impressive carving of a human figure on a rock by the side of the rapid (Paru’ Ating). Further down, past the gorge, the river opens up to forms a large pool with small cascades.

The site can be reached by motorized canoe in one hour from either Long Rungan/Tang Paye (downriver) or Tang Laan (upriver). There is a short walk along a forest trail along the river to bypass the rapid. The location is perfect for a picnic and a swim in the river, or an overnight stay at the lodge built by the Ecotourism Committee.

Long Layu – Pa’ Upan: Rp 300,000/boat (max 2 persons)
Pa Upan to Hulu Giram: Rp 190,000/boat (max 2 persons)
Hulu Giram to Long Rungan: Rp 190,000/boat (max 2 persons)



Local tours (prices for 2012):

Transboundary, Krayan-Bario: Long Layu – Pa’ Siuk – (overnight) – Bario (Sarawak, overnight) – Long Layu (3 days).



Krayan Hulu tour: Long Layu – Hulu Giram (overnight) – Batu Sicen – Tang Payeh (overnight) – Pa’ Upan – Long Layu (Combination of trek and boat riding, 3 days).


Krayan Selatan tour: Pa Upan – Tang Paye (overnight) – Hulu Ridan – Long Padi – Binuang (overnight) – Long Bawan – or additional option to Ba’ Liku and waterfall downriver (overnight). Combination of trekking and boat riding, 4 days.


Long Distance ‘Banteng’ trek: Pa’ Upan or Long Layu (Krayan Selatan) to Apau Ping (Bahau Hulu).

A real adventure through the forest and across the rivers and streams between Hulu Bahau and Krayan Selatan in search of wildlife and traces of old village sites. Good physical conditions are needed to make sure to enjoy and endure the trek. This was also the way Sa’ban people in the past traveled between Long Tua and Pa’ Upan.


(The price includes: meals during the trip, transportation, (1) guide and (1) porter, and camping in the forest).