Krayan Selatan



As the small plane lands on the airstrip in Long Rungan, indifferent buffaloes wander off the grassy strip and joyous children approach the plane to greet the passengers of the small Cessna plane operated by MAF. No matter who is coming, the genuine hospitality of the people in the Krayan highlands will impress visitors. Long Rungan is a small settlement in the sub-district of Krayan Selatan.

The area at the headwaters of the Krayan River is covered with dense forest that gives way to neatly cultivated agricultural areas. Wet rice cultivation and buffalo farming are an old tradition here and in the rest of the Highlands. The capital of the Krayan Selatan sub-district is Long Layu.

Original expanses of heath forest (tana paye’ in the local language) occur near the villages of Long Rungan/Tang Payeh and Binuang. These areas are worth a visit for the rich biodiversity of orchids, pitcher plants, and others.