Homestay & Guide



LSM Tana Tam in Krayan Selatan and FORMADAT Ecotourism committee have opened simple but comfortable homestay accommodation with host families in the Krayan Highlands. This is the best way to have a taste of the local cuisine and really feel at home in the Highlands. Please check with the local Ecotourism Committees: Gat Khaleb and Hasan Paren in Pa’ Upan, Krayan Selatan; and Alex Balang in Long Bawan.

In Long Bawan, it is also possible to stay at local lodges. Prices vary from Rp 70,000 to Rp 100,000/person, no meals included. or homestay.

Fees (2012):

Guide : Rp 120.000 – Rp 150,000/day
Porter : Rp 100.000/day
Homesta : Rp 120.000/person (accommodation and meals included)


Mountain bikes are available for rent at the FORMADAT Information Center in Long Bawan. Internet facilities are also available (E-Krayan Tele Center).